#1 of 49 Things to do Before I Turn 49

Don’t just look up and around, check out the sea life below. If you are toward the edges you can easily see the bottom and notice the fish swimming by.

I kicked of my 49 adventures with something I’ve been wanting to do ever since it launched.  Rent a pontoon bike and pedal up the Hillsborough River.

Tampa Water Bikes offers hourly rentals for bicycles mounted on top of 2 big yellow plastic pontoons.  They look weird.  They appear to be wildly inefficient.  Frankly, they look like they are far more work than they are worth.  But to my surprise, they scoot through the water quite quickly and the entire experience was a lot of fun.  I will definitely do it again!

I think the part I loved the most, apart from being on water – who wouldn’t like that?  Was that I was able to pedal up the river and look at my favorite city from a completely different perspective.  It’s one thing to be in Tampa looking at the beautiful river that flows through the heart of our city, but it’s a completely different vibe to be on that river looking at the city.

The bikes have a storage unit for phones, wallets, purses, or snacks and even have drink holder for your favorite beverage

It’s a little intimidating the first time a big boat goes by, but only the first time, as when it happens, you really get a feeling how sturdy they are, despite feeling a bit top-heavy the moment you get on them.  It’s just an illusions, they are very stable and I think you’d have to be doing something pretty stupid to overturn one of them.

If you’ve ever been to The Sail Pavilion by the Convention Center you know where to go to rent these bikes.  You can’t miss them – they are bright yellow! Just walk down to the dock and in 10 minutes you can be off peddling your way up or down the river.

For a first time trip I would recommend renting for 1 or 2 hours.  Peddle up to Curtis Hixon Park, and then tie up at the dock, enjoy a snack at one of the hot dog vendors, then head back.

One down, 48 to go!!!  Got any suggestions for what I should do?  Please let me know in the comments section!

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