#16 of 49 – Buy My Own Book from a Bookstore

When I think about it, I suppose all of the 49 adventures I’m going on a self-indulgent.  But I think this one is the most, and I don’t care.  This week marks one of the proudest days in my professional career.  I found my own book in a bookstore.  And yeah, I bought a copy!

My 3rd book, Collaboration Economy, (Published, 2015, Morgan James Publishing) was also in bookstores, but I never saw a copy despite going to several book stores looking for it.  But my latest book was purchased by 300 Barnes & Noble bookstores throughout the US and I was able to find one in the first store I walked into.

There are many milestones that entrepreneurs achieve.  Hiring your first employee.  Moving into your first office.  Getting your first client. And for some, publishing your first book.

I still remember the day my first book, Stop Chasing Perfection & Settle for Excellence arrived at my office.  Actually, 10,000 copies of them arrived on 3 large pallets in my parking lot which I had to hand carry case-by-case into the office on a hot Saturday Florida morning.  Remind me to write a blog one day called “The dummest things you can do when publishing your first book.”  It will be the longest blog I’ve ever written.  (Or is it wrote? – Fairy Godwriter help me out here!).

Yeah, bottom shelf – I don’t care!

For me, finding my own book in a bookstore is one of those milestones.  I was grinning ear to ear, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I looked right at the B&N employee and said, “This is me!  I wrote it!”  Thankfully she spared me the embarrassment of having to ask, and offered to take my picture.

Yep, it was on the bottom shelf.  I didn’t care.  It was right there with the face of the book out and I couldn’t have been more proud.

Since I posted my cheesy pics online I’ve had friends going to various stores all over and posting the pics on social media.  Thanks to all of you where are helping to spread the word!!!

Today is National Professional Speakers day, so this is a befitting day for me to release this blog, AND I don’t mind making a shameless plug for my book in honor of this day. (soon to be a bank holiday I hope.)  So for August 7th only you can purchase my ebook on all e-tailers like amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com for only $2.99 – it will revert back to the normal price on it’s official release day the following day, August 8th.

And, if I can push my luck, and you’ve read this far, Barnes & Noble sales count toward Washington Post Best-Seller status, so if you feel so inspired, and would like to buy the eBook version, please head over there to get your copy.  Or, even better, pop into a store and find a real paperback version!  No special pricing on the real book, but you’ll get my eternal gratitude and I’ll make it worth your while.  Post a pic online of you holding my book at your local bookstore with the hashtag, #PubSpeakBook and I’ll send you a link to some unpublished speaker training videos for free.  Here’s a few samples, note that you don’t have to have the cheesy grin like I do!  Thank you for your anticipated support.

Thanks Alex for grabbing a copy!
Thanks for capturing the pic Jodi!
Cheesy grin not required

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