#2 of 49 Things to do Before I turn 49

For my second adventure, I treated myself to a straight-edge razor wet shave at a barbershop.  I’ve seen people get them in the movies, but always wondered if a straight razor gives you a better, closer shave than the modern day razor.    So I set out to find a place that offered the traditional service.  I found Roosters Barbershop near Hyde Park Village.

They offer a 7-step facial shave.  Hot towels, essential oils, the works.  Sort of like a Mani-Pedi, but for your face.  When I booked the appointment, I thought I might as well get a haircut while I’m at it and really get the full barbershop experience.

The haircut was first.  My barber, (is a female barber still a barber?  Or is she a barbie?  Barbher? Apparently there’s a difference to some, but based on what I’ve read, I’m cool with barber.) was very nice and made me feel like I was in good hands, and could trust her with a straight-edge razor against my throat.

I didn’t give her any guidance, I figured she was the pro and would know what to do.  Big mistake.  As I felt the razor buzz up the back of my head I instantly regretted my decision.  But as I’ve aged my intense desire to have a perfect hair cut, one that looks like I haven’t actually had a haircut, has diminished.  Whatever hormone it is in the brain that reduces that sense of attention to detail, it must also be the same one that decreases your lack of fashion sense such that it makes you think cargo shorts are an acceptable form of pants.  6 weeks later now and I’m ready for another haircut.  Back to Great Clips – see, I really don’t care anymore.  But I digress.  Back to the shave.

I’ve gotta say, the experience of the shave is better than the actual shave.  There’s a reason why razors of modern day have 6 blades to cut your stubble – it just works better.  So the actual shave, while not a closer cut, was indeed a very cool experience.  One that I would probably do again, if for no other reason that to just get the pampering.

The haircut?  I think I’ll give her a bit more instruction next time.  My bad.

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