#24 of 49: Visit The Dog Bar

What is The Dog Bar?  It’s a bar, and it’s for dogs.  Well, they cater to the humans too by providing beer, alcohol, and iced coffee.  But if you don’t have a dog and you go to this bar, it’s a bit like going to LEGOLAND if you don’t have kids.  Sure, it’s allowed, but everyone will think you’re weird.  (And probably keep a close eye on their dog at the same time.)

In legal terms, this place is a private club, and in order for your dog to visit, they have to be a member.  But you can buy a 1 week visitor pass for only $5 or a 1 year membership for $40.  And if they had one of these in South Tampa or Downtown, I would totally sign Macie up for a membership.  It was such a cool place!

It’s an indoor/outdoor bar, with dogs having all access. Outdoors, they have the traditional 2 door entry gate system at most dog parks to keep anyone from sneaking out.  But instead of just lame park benches for the humans they have beer and TVs for you to watch the game.  It definitely has a sports bar vibe to it, or at least did when I visited on a Sunday with all the games playing on various screens, but the cool part of this bar is that you all have a mutual common interest which are your fur babies, so there’s no attitude that you might get speaking with total strangers at a normal bar.

The dog park portion has plenty of things for the dogs to hide under, jump over, climb on, and even bathe in.  It has a huge canopy to keep the dogs in the shade if they want it, but other places where they can sprawl out and take up some  sun as well.

I would have enjoyed it much more if I could have ordered food, or if I actually drank alcohol I’m sure, but frankly, I enjoyed my iced coffee and being surrounded by tons of dogs to play with.  If you live in the St. Pete area and you have a dog, this place is a must visit.

Macie practicing her demur look

But for me, the excitement of the day wasn’t taking Macie to the Dog Bar.  It was taking her to the spa after.  Moxy In St. Petersburg.  A dog spa?  Nope, a human spa.  Well, it’s techinically a skin and anti-aging institute.

My friend, Anna Loyd just opened up Moxy and it’s been her dream for many years.  I love watching my friends hit their goals.  It’s inspiring to me, and she’s worked so hard at this, it was great to see all her hard work pay off.

Moxy provides botox, fillers, chemical peels, microneedling, laser skin resurfacing, IPL, laser hair removal, hydra facials and acne treatments.  They are located at 1010 Central Ave. Suite 1004 in St. Petersburg.

Yogi is in charge of customer service

Her business partner, Yogi, greets people at the front door to let them know they are welcomed.  It’s amazing, I think that little fur ball brings in more traffic than her sign!

This day was her sip & stroll soft opening.  The spa won’t technically be open until she returns from Vietnam where she is volunteering her time to provide medical care for an impoverished community.  Did I mention she is also a licensed medical doctor?  I’ll be updating this blog with her website and contact details when it’s officially open.

Anna Loyd is the founder of Moxy

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