#31 of 49: Learn to Box

“Hey, would you like to take a boxing class for one of your 49 adventures?” she said.

“Sure, how hard could that be?”  I confidently replied.

The answer:  WAY HARDER!!!

The end.

The backstory:

Female Ninja, Anna Dutko, from Round 2 Fit has a wide array of fitness and nutritional services.  Just one look at her and you know she knows what the hell she’s talking about.  The girl is fit.

Yeah, sure, she may look sweet and innocent with her disarming smile, but put that girl in the ring and she becomes a beast. This adventure was by far one of the most intimidating.  I like to think that I’m in fairly good shape, but having her lead me through a workout was humbling.

It started the day before when we set up our first workout: arms.  But to warm up we did some sort of squat with medicine balls that involved throwing the balls up against a wall as high as possible, and catching them as I lowered down into a deep seated squat.  We did 3 sets throwing against the wall, 3 sets throwing in the air, and then I rolled around and whined like a wimp that my legs were cramping.  Not exaggerating.  AND THAT WAS THE WARM UP!

I should probably pause from the story for a moment and share that this is exactly what I asked for.  I told her I don’t like trainers to take it easy on me, and if I can walk up a flight of stairs when they are done, they didn’t do their job.  For someone needing a bit more entry level, she can also accommodate and be very nurturing and supportive.  I requested the drill sergeant, ninja bad-ass that takes no prisoners.

Back to the beat down.  The next morning I was scheduled to meet her at the gym at 10:00 AM.  At 9:59 I still hadn’t left the office.  No worries, it’s not far, and the run will be a good warm up.  Big problem:  I can barely walk as it is from my “warm up” the day before.  So a quick text would let her know I might be a bit late.

Again, I asked for it.

When I arrived, nearly out of breath, she said, “Let’s do a warm up and go for a run!” Somehow I knew trying to tell her that I just ran to the gym wouldn’t really make a difference, so I just fell in line and did what I was told.

The session started off with a leg workout.  Barely any weights, but hard as hell because Anna likes to focus on functional core strength – something I’m apparently lacking.  Lots of balancing while doing bench lunges, walking lunges and other evil fitness workout creations I assume she designs when she’s trying to release any pent up aggression.

After our legs, we moved into boxing.  And I can say that boxing is much harder than it looks, but also much more fun.  I really enjoyed it despite having very poor coordination and difficulty counting to 6.  Jab, punch, left hook, right punch, uppercut, uppercut turnout more like, jab, punch, punch, “oops sorry I almost hit your face!”, punch, punch, miss.

During my first boxing workout I not only had to remember which hand to hit and what type of punch, but I also had to battle the voices in my head.  Most of them were John Spencer Ellis laughing and John Heffron cracking jokes about how I was getting beat up by a girl who wasn’t even punching back.

When at gyms in the past, I’ve put on the gloves and tried punching the heavy bag with no instruction.  It exhausted me, and wasn’t much fun (mainly because the heavy bag won every round).  But with Anna right there encouraging me on, giving me a moving target with her hand pads, it was really cool.  I could definitely see me doing more of this!  In fact, we’ve already scheduled our next session.  If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it.  In fact, as we move into 2018 and if you have some fitness goals you want to achieve, check out Anna.  She’s great!  Very motivating, and fun to have as a coach.




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