#32 of 49: Monday Night Football

One of the reasons I’m doing these 49 adventures is for me to start saying yes to opportunities that I otherwise would just let pass me by.  This adventure is a perfect example.  While taking my vacation in London a few weeks back, I received an email from a good friend who works for the Bucs.  He had some extra tickets available for Monday Night Football and offered them to me.  The conversation went something like this:

”I would absolutely love a ticket!  I’ve never been to Monday Night Football.  Thank you!”

To which he replied, “Great, I’ve reserved 4 tickets for you.”

Clearly he overestimated how many friends I have.  I only asked for 1 ticket, but was given 4 and now tasked with the responsibility of finding other people I would want to socialize with for an extended period of time.  I know, you probably think I’m some extrovert that loves to hang around people, but the reality is, my favorite person in the world is my dog, and I’m perfectly happy not being around any of the 2 legged variety.  (For my friends reading this, of course I’m not talking about you.  You’re special. I love hanging out with you.)

I’ve already derailed.  The challenge really wasn’t even finding 3 friends to go with me.  The challenge was that I was returning from my London vacation Monday night and would have to go straight from the airport to Raymond James Stadium to the game.  Further delaying my reuninion with my dog, Macie by another 4 hours. Not to mention, after flying for about 10 hours, I knew I would just be tired and want to go to sleep.  But how often do you have the chance to attend Monday Night Football?  I think statisctally it’s like once a year, but not sure how that whole thing works.  A perfect example of something I would have normally passed on, but instead grabbed the reigns and took the opportunity.

Here are some things I learned about Monday Night Football.

1. Hank Williams Jr. doesn’t actually bring his rowdy friends over.

2. It’s like any other football game, but more ‘Mondayie’

3. You get free swag.  This game, red Gilligan hats.

People often ask me if I’m a sports fan.  My response is simple.  I’m a Tampa fan.  So I support our teams regardless of their stats.  Boggles my mind how fans of teams tweet and post comments on Facebook about how they hate their team, or don’t know why they waste money on season tickets.  To me, a fan is somone who rides the ups and the downs with the team, not just the highs.  So when I go to a game, I want them to win like anyone else supporting their team, but if they lose, I’ll still have a fun time and love the teams just as much.   I think this is a good strategy.  Especially when supporting the Bucs based on their last few [ahem] years.

In the end, the Bucs, didn’t win, but I won another notch on the 49 adventures, spent some time with great friends, and got the greeting of a lifetime from my dog Macie when I got back from my vacation.  Oh, and Macie got the Gilligan hat.


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