#35 of 49: Go to a Bowl Game. GO BLUE!!!

I’m not a huge sports fan.  I like sports.  I can enjoy a game, but I don’t go out of my way to plan my life around any sporting event (except attending the Olympics). So to spend $175 on a football game to me, sounds pretty insane.  Unless of course your work-wife is a Michigan Alumni and they are schedule to play in the Outback Bowl.  Then you don’t make a fuss about the price when she invites you.  GO BLUE!!!

This adventure is actually 4 adventures in one.  First time I’ve been to a bowl game.  First time I’ve been to a game on New Years Day.  First time I’ve been to a tailgate party,  and first time I’ve ever watched a college football game.  GO BLUE!!

I really was excited to go to the game, but honestly, I was dreading going to the tailgate party.  Here’s what I imagine a tailgate party is:  A lot of people in trucks, drinking beer, eating BBQ, and listening to Hank Williams blaring with their truck doors open.  None of that, appeals to me.  I don’t drink, and there is nothing more obnoxious than being the only sober guy watching a lot of people get more and more vocal about politics and religion as they drink.  I imagined myself sitting around, checking my phone every 2 minutes to see how much longer before we get to go to the game.

Turns out, I was completely wrong.  Actually, I didn’t even see one tailgate so  frankly, I’m a bit confused.  I did avoid going to the party as long as possible, and when I got there, I ate some food, played some cornhole, and then we went on to the game.   GO BLUE!!!!

I was soooo ready for the game to begin!  And I loved it!  It really was much more exciting than the NFL.  To me, seems like the difference is that the NFL plays to not lose, but college ball plays to win.  They take much bigger risks, and go for it on every single play.  I liked that.  I can see why people make such a big deal about college football now.   GO BLUE!!!!

For Christmas, Jodi got me my own Michigan long sleeve t-shirt for the game, so I came representing and clapped as loud as I could and threw out the occasional “Go Blue!” chant, but not much (the downside of a professional speaker – you can’t shout at games and blow out your voice.)  GO BLUE!!!!

With any good story, I guess comes tragedy.  The tragedy of this day was that Michigan lost to South Carolina, 26 to 19.  It was an odd turn of events.  Michigan dominated the game the first half, but when they came back out of the locker room after half-time, it was like they left their heart sitting in the lockers.

In the second half the temperature plummeted and we were all sitting around freezing.  By then beginning of the 4th quarter, I think most people in the stadium didn’t care who won or lost, they just didn’t want the team taking time outs or passing the ball to the sidelines.  We wanted that clock to run faster than the running backs.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I’m glad I got to share the game.  Now, lets never bring this day up again.  I want Jodi to be in a good mood.


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