#37 of 49: Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

While I wasn’t a fan of Zombie Outbreak, I’m so glad I went inside.  Because in addition to zombie killing, they have a virtual reality ride and I hadn’t experienced one of those, so the day turned out to be a twofer for Topher!  A perfect example of why I did these adventures: I may not enjoy them all, but they can lead to new things I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

You have your choice of several different virtual scenarios, but the attendant made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  “You can select your ride, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, just trust me and I’ll pick one for you.”  Done.  My virtual fate was now in the hands of a kid who looked really into virtual reality.  I wasn’t worried.

You climb into this pod that seats 2.  Put on a headset that seems way too top heavy, and then he calibrates the headset to focus.  “Don’t move your head right now. If you do, when the ride starts, you’ll get sick.”

That was all the warning I needed to lock my head motionless on my shoulders like Al Gore when he delivers a speech.

The ride he chose was a giant swinging arm with a spinning seat at the end, which is where I was seated.  The ride was conveniently located in the middle of a busy downtown street.  The arm began to swing and the seat began to tilt, and I was off to getting spun out of my brain.  I was shocked at how realistic it felt.  With the actual seat moving only about 6 inches one direction or the other, it felt like my seat was spinning and looping non-stop.

I love roller-coasters and all things adventurous, but I’m not going to lie; this thing was intense, and by the end of the ride I found myself having to close my eyes a few times to keep from throwing up.  I was physically disoriented, a bit nauseous, and in need of some fresh air to recalibrate my brain.  Basically, I loved it!!!





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