Speech Training

Want to become a better speaker? Topher has a proven formula to improve your speaking skills immediately.

Need a Speaker?

Need a Speaker for your next event? Topher has 30 years experience presenting unforgettable keynotes.

Speech Writing

Topher can be your secret weapon to delivering a world-class presentation with words that inspire.


Social Pitch

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, effective communication is key to successful navigation of the business world. Topher will help you identify and clarify your message to maximize your potential.

Personal Brand

With Social Media increasing in relevance having a clearly defined personal brand is more important than ever.  Topher has a 5 step program designed specifically designed to define and elevate your personal brand.

Speaking from

Many people struggle to find their balance when speaking in front of a group. As a well known speaker in the business/entrepreneurial world, Topher has a variety of skills that he shares to provide the best impression every time you speak.

Speaking in the

The media is quickly becoming one of the most widely used business tools in the field. Topher uses his experience with both traditional and social media to identify your strengths and tailor them to improve your media presence.

Investor Pitch

Speaking to an audience of investors can be daunting, intimidating; and down right scary.  But with Topher helping you along the way you can increase your chance greatly for getting the investment you seek.

Sales Pitch

In today’s business savvy world, people hate to be sold.  But they love to choose to buy.  Topher’s unconventional approach to the sales pitch will leave your team with the skills to think on their feet and speak with clarity and power for maximized sales performance.


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