What Makes Up a Perfect Pitch?


There are 6 basic questions someone will always be asking in their mind before they either work with you or refer you to someone else. So if you include these components into your social pitch, you’ll hit the mark every time.

1. Clarity – Do people really get what you do when you tell them? Keep it simple! Don’t overcomplicate things or use industry jargon. Imagine that you had to explain it to a 5 year old without any condescending vocal tones and you’ll probably be spot on.

2. Credibility – Do people get that you are the best person to solve their problems? If your mom isn’t standing beside you to tell your prospects how wonderful you are, you’d better have an effective, and polite way of sharing something about yourself that makes you credible.

3. Problem – Do people really understand what the problem is you are trying to solve? If you do this perfectly they will either connect emotionally with their own problems or think of someone who suffers from the problem you are describing.

4. Solution – Do they know what your solution is? This is a tricky one. Don’t turn your pitch into a seminar, but to tell them in very broad strokes how you solve the problem.

5. Compelling – Why? – More so now than ever before, people want to know the motivation behind everything. Share with the person what you are speaking about why you love doing what you do. It will make you more human, less salesperson.

6. Reputation – What would people say about you if you weren’t around? If we called your customers how would they speak about you? People want to know what others think about you more now than ever before.

Put these 6 things in your next pitch and watch how differently and favorably people respond! Want to see these pitches in action? Check out The BIG Pitch.

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