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Speaker Training coming to Manchester and Cambridge, U.K.

Shift YOUR speaking career into HIGH GEAR and discover how to create a
life where you go home at night with your speaking calendar booked
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New Living Program: Professional Speaker eBook

Are you a public speaker or are you considering a professional speaking career? If so Dr. Topher Morrison’s newest living ebook project titled “From Public Speaker to Professional Speaker” is a tool you cannot do without.

Topher’s 12 month interactive professional speaker program features professional speaking gems certain to help you succeed as a professional speaker. Download Topher’s eBook Free >>

The Journey of the Mind Anthology is now Available!
For over 20 years Topher has studied the power of the subconscious mind.  He is grateful enough to have been mentored by some of the greatest contributors in the field of hypnotherapy and after a wonderful 20 year career in hypnosis, Dr. Morrison retired from the profession. That’s the bad news!

The GREAT news is Topher recorded, produced and is now offering the entire Journey of the Mind Anthology as a home study course. This complete program is now available online. Find out more about the JOM Anthology >>


Bulletproof Branding!

The ultimate training guide for small business owners wanting to create the same marketing impact as Fortune 500.

Learn More >>

Legacy Application

Topher Morrison, Inc is now accepting application for its next Legacy, exotic location to be determined.

If you believe you possess the skills and drive to become a successful professional speaker, Apply Within >>

Topher’s Blog: The Life of a Professional Speaker

The life of a million miler, Topher’s WordPress blog is a natural continuation of Dr. Morrison’s worldwide outreach.

Featuring engaging posts, photographs, videos, presentations and audio clips, Topher’s blog promises to keep readers informed and entertained! Read Topher’s Blog Now >>

Find your Flow as an Entrepreneur

Do you know your path to wealth? Curious to find out which wealth profile is best suited for you? Are you a Creator, a Star, a Supporter, a Deal Maker, a Trader, an Accumulator, a Lord or a Mechanic?

Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth.

Take the Wealth Dynamics Test Now >>


Settle For Excellence

Hailed as "the self-help book for people who are tired of self-help books!" this top seller features mind blowing content certain to give you the edge you need to successfully engage most challenges in life.

This book will allow you to tap into greater potential, release unhealthy limitations, and achieve a level of happiness in your life that has been out of reach — Until now! Find out More about this Best Selling Book >>

Sports Hypnotist Certification
You can now get certified in Sports Hypnosis. Those who have studied sports psychology know the power of guided imagery for peak performance in sports. Personal Trainers and Conditioning Specialists have seen many clients fall short in their personal goals because of a lack of mental focus, mental training, mental conditioning, state control, and the ability to limit distractions.

If you are a clinical hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner, this is the missing tool for your tool box. Gain knowledge, get the edge and expand your business to a whole new market. Enjoy working with people who truly desire change and are self-motivated.

Was $195.00 5 Disc Set

Special $127.00 5 Disc Set

Mental Game of Life Supplement
Okay, so you’ve attended the Mental Game of Life, or you’ve purchased the home study course. Either way, what happens next? Will you play by the rules? Remember, winners never cheat, and cheaters never win! With the Mental Game of Life Seminar Supplement, you can reinforce what you’ve learned. In this packet, you will receive mental conditioning audio programs to help you live the 5 rules to the Mental Game of Life.

Click Here for Complete Product Description

Price: $149.00
Special $96.00 each

Verbal Aikido
With today’s competitive market and educated consumer base, you need the most up-to date communication tactics available more than ever. But, what determines who will control the conversation? What do you do when someone seems to be leading you down a conversational path you don’t want to go?

Click Here for Complete Product Description

Price: $97.00
Special $48.00 each

Wealth Dynamics PowerPack Collection (12 Modules)
Are you chasing results or are you attracting opportunities?

Why do some of us work hard getting nowhere, while others flow their way to fortune?

This collection of all 12 Wealth Dynamics Power Packs, guides you through the answers with the stories of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs – and showing how their stories will guide yours to wealth. It is designed as a 12 month coaching program that you work through week by week to gain a deeper understanding of Wealth Dynamics, entrepreneurship and creating wealth.

Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading entrepreneur profiling system. Created by Roger James Hamilton and harnessed by over 24,000 entrepreneurs around the world, it guides us to our path of least resistance.

There are 8 paths (or games/styles if you prefer) and yours is one of them. Once you have completed your Wealth Dynamics Profile Test, you will learn which path is yours.

With this 12 Power Pack Collection, you will be guided through an in-depth understanding of your profile, your role models, their proven strategies, the team you need, your winning and losing formulas, and wealth you can create and the legacy you will leave.

Wealth Dynamics is the language of entrepreneurs.

Start the journey today…
and experience a world of wealth unfold.

What’s included …

USB Modules 1-12:

  • The Key to Wealth
  • The Wealth Equation
  • The ‘Creator’
  • The ‘Star’
  • The ‘Supporter’
  • The ‘Deal Maker’
  • The ‘Trader’
  • The ‘Accumulator’
  • The ‘Lord’
  • The ‘Mechanic’
  • Tuning In
  • Turning On


Bonus: YouTube & other videos on DVD (8GB – computer required)

Price: $1668.00
Special $990.00 each

The music that started it all! WindTrance, the first of the MusicTrance series. Filled with the unique and provocative sounds of wind instruments including Peruvian panpipes and the Australian didgeridoo.

Price $24.95 each

Welcome to NativeTrance, 60 continuous minutes of remarkably hypnotic, serene instrumental music specifically composed to be played during hypnosis sessions.The unique and provocative sounds of this distinctive offering are provided by a unique blend of Native American instruments such as the eagle cedar flute, and the plains gourd rattle.

Price $24.95 each

Sowing the Seeds of Success
Whether you’re spiritual or not, whether you believe in the mind-body connection or think it’s a load of New Age mumbo-jumbo, this book can change your life.

Sowing the Seeds of Success: How Planting Small Actions Reap BIG Rewards is a down-to-earth, practical approach to tapping into your inner strengths. You don’t have to pray to God or Buddha, or find a “spiritual guide” to grant your wishes. Everything you need is already inside you, and this book tells you exactly how to access your power to transform yourself.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:

  • Catching the “I-love-me” disease
  • Overcome childhood programming
  • Conquer your fears
  • Break the chains of trauma
  • Discover why there’s no such thing as bad luck

This 163 page ebook comes in pdf format and is available for immediate download.

Order Now for only $37.00

Mental Game of Golf
This set contains a total of 12 CD’s, 3 CD’s for each of the four key areas of the game, Tee Shots, The Approach Game, The Short Game, and of course, Putting.

For each of the 4 key areas you will receive:

  • A self-hypnosis CD that guides you through the perfect golf game.

  • A subliminal messaging CD to listen to at any time during the day with upbeat music suitable for the office or a drive to work.

  • A subliminal messaging CD to listen to while you fall asleep with peaceful, soothing music to aid you in falling fast asleep. This can ensure that the suggestions reach the deepest part of your subconscious

Now only $147.00

HealthTrance Series (CDs)
For the person who wants to lose weight, quit smoking, cheer up, get a good night’s rest, have a better memory, and get rid of their ache’s and pains, the entire HealthTrance series is what you are looking for!

Okay, well maybe you don’t need all of those things, but chances are you know someone who suffers from depression or pain. And just about everyone knows someone who needs to lose weight, increase their self esteem, quit smoking, or reduce their stress. The HealthTrance series can be a great emotional resource for you, your friends and family. Buy the HealthTrance series now and take care get your shopping done for 3 or 4 friends right away!

  • Lose Weight Now
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Motivate to Exercise
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Increase Self Esteem
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Maintaining Your Weight
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Stop Smoking Now CD
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Stress & Tension Relief CD
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Memory Enhancement

    ($24.95 retail value)

  • Letting go of Pain

    ($24.95 retail value)

  • Sleep Now

    ($24.95 retail value)

  • Freedom from Depression

    ($24.95 retail value)

A $249.50 value now only $189.95 per set

Stop Smoking Success Kit
The Stop Smoking Success Kit for the individual absolutely committed to remaining smoke free for the rest of their life, this packet helps them with stopping the habit for good, and then supports them by eliminating the most common reason for falling back into the old habit…stress.

  • Stop Smoking Now CD
    ($24.95 retail value)
  • Stress & Tension Relief CD
    ($24.95 retail value)

$44.95 each– A savings of 10% off the individual prices.

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