A Professional Speaker’s Most Valuable Tool

Hi, and welcome to my speaker’s blog. Today I want to share with you the most valuable tool that a professional speaker has in their entire arsenal. This one tool will get you booked more often and more frequently than just about anything else.

What is it? It is called The One Sheet.

Your One Sheet is an industry standard. It’s something that every speaker should have. A One Sheet is exactly as it sounds. It’s one sheet that basically explains three simple things.

Number one, “Who are you?” in a very brief bio.
Number two, “What is the topic that you specialize in?”
Number three, “What are they going benefit from?” or “What are they going to learn when they come to your event?”

That’s it. Nothing more. If you have some room, you could put some quotes from industry leaders or other influential entities as well. But you really just want to say who you are, what is your specialty, and what are the benefits that people are going to receive when they come to your specific program.

If you would like a sample of a one sheet, you could go to my website, at http://www.booktopher.com. Go there and download my One Sheet. In fact, you could download my whole promo kit if you’d like and check it out.

You’ve got to have a One Sheet! It is absolutely essential; it is the one thing that people are going to ask you when they consider booking you. So get that thing done. If you need any help, send me an email, submit a question on Facebook, or comment on this post. I’d be happy to give you some advice on that.

Until next time, take care, dare to dream, and make each day an epic adventure. Bye for now.

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