Is Your Business Controlled by Your Fear?

Each entrepreneur has their own fears, and for most, it seems implementing their ideas that are in direct opposition to those fears is the most difficult step.  If you can accept the possibility of failure knowing that everyone fails at something, then that fear become insignificant.  If you can’t, then that fear will control your business and prevent you from taking bold actions that produce noteworthy results.  Its the “not trying” that should never be accepted.  Here’s how I overcome my fears of failure.  Most self-help experts say you shouldn’t focus on what you don’t want.  While I agree with the fundamentals of that, for many, I think they take that too far and live in the world of denial.  Instead, I visualize the absolute worst possible scenario in my mind.  And if I can be comfortable with that (which i can, because no matter how bad it gets on this big blue ball once I’m dead I’m pretty sure I’m not going to care about any of the shit that happened to me on this planet), then my fear subsides, and I can go full steam ahead.

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