Avoid These Promoter Scams

I just saw a speaker submission page on a website promoting an event.  When I clicked on the criteria, this is what I read:

  1. We do not cover travel expenses or provide fees or honorariums for speakers.
  2. We have a strict “no selling from the stage” policy that all speakers must follow. Speakers who expect to sell during their session need not apply.
  3. We will not consider submissions that are incomplete or submitted except as described below.
  4. Conference registrants are invited to submit speaker suggestions on their own behalf. We often choose speakers who are registered to attend.

This is basically a way to tempt wanna-be speakers into signing up for their seminar on the hopes that they will get chosen to speak.  If you do get chosen to speak, these people are basically saying, “Come share your knowledge with our audience that we have charged to attend and have profited from.  In return, we won’t do anything for you, but you’ll have fun knowing you’ve wasted your own time and your own money.”

And this company teaches how to succeed in business!  Its absolutely amazing how hypocritical people can be sometimes.  Don’t fall for these scams.  If you do, it sucks you further into debt and farther from your dream of being a professional speaker.

Now if this seminar company, or any others like them were to read this, they would defend their actions by saying, “But we are giving them exposure”  Hmmm… Facebook gives you exposure and you get it for free.

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