Bulletproof Business Tip #1

With today’s unstable economy, people more than ever, are trying to find a way to get the edge in business. From the top of the corporate ladder all the way down people wonder whether they will even have a job tomorrow.

So here’s a quick strategy to increase your level of stability. Remember this phrase all week long:

“Flexibility = Stability”

I know that sounds almost contradictory because often we associate being flexible to bending and stability to stationary and firm. But today, we can no longer afford to be rigid in our thinking or in our business strategies. It’s our rigidity that makes us dispensable.

For example, the #1 fear in the world is public speaking. This means that with so many people afraid of public speaking, when you conquer this and feel confident in your ability to lead from the front of the room this automatically puts you miles ahead of your competition that may be intimidated to go for a position in life that would force them to get up in front of people and speak.

What are the areas of your life that drum up fear? What things do you avoid in life because you are being a coward? Now is the time to take control of your fears and face them head-on. Be it public speaking or whatever else scares you. Your biggest financial opportunity just may be on the other side of your fears.

If you are looking for a great, inexpensive training program to become better at speaking in front of crowds, I highly recommend this product.

Until next week, take care, dare to dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

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