Can You Feel the Heat?

No pressure, no diamond.
No pressure, no diamond.

I speak with entrepreneurs on a daily basis. I see mainly two kinds: Those who embrace pressure and are willing to take risks, stick their necks out, and roll the dice. The others are those who only want to do something if they have assurances in place, it fits within their self-imposed budgets, and doesn’t inconvenience them.

It’s no surprise, the majority of the people I speak with fit into the second category. They love to talk a big game but the reality is, they never change their reality. They set goals; not because they want to accomplish them, but because it temporarily makes them feel good inside when they see their dream boards, or read their vision statements – all the while, they have really no intention of enduring the struggles they will have to face in order to make their goals come alive.

No worthy goal is something you can afford – they are always outside of your budget. If you let your current financial situation, or how much time you have available be the determinant for whether you go for what you really want in life, all you will ever do in life is want.

What is one worthy goal could you take a bold, tangible, action toward today that is outside of your budget and doesn’t fit on your calendar? Don’t wait for tomorrow, that’s lazy thinking and that’s not you, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

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