Hire Topher As Your Spokesperson

When you hire Topher as your spokesperson, you can be certain you will receive more subscriptions to your online channels, higher views, and lots of comments! Contact Jodi Mclean at (813) 258-4372  to discuss how Topher can help your brand by becoming your next spokesperson!

In the meantime, enjoy some of Topher’s ads below that he has created for various companies and events, and a little commentary he’s provided on each.


I had a blast making this commercial. I was in NY on a mini-vacation and it dawned on me that while I was having a good time running all over the city, AnswerFirst was taking all my calls. The inspiration hit me to make an impromptu commercial for them using just my iPhone, and the end result turned out great.


This commercial shows that I don’t just have to make funny ads. We had previously shot a commercial spoofing my new brand identity and it had the viewers vote on what my new look should be like as we revealed AnswerFirst’s new brand. But when the actual release came, we didn’t want my silly antics to take away from the real message which was all about AnswerFirst.

CTCS Business Conference

This was by far one of my more elaborate commercials. It was for a business conference in the UK and their theme for the weekend was the Wild Wild West. I knew what I wanted conceptually but didn’t know how I could find a ghost town. Turns out there is an actual ghost town set about 1 hour south of Tampa that I was able to rent (with the cowboy included!) for the whole day.

Fitness Fortunes Live in Dallas

This ad was to promote a Fitness Convention in TX. The promoter of the event gave me one criteria. He said, “Just make it funny!” So I asked myself what sort of things made me laugh, and I thought about all the crazy viral videos on YouTube and that gave me my inspiration to build a medly of viral videos inside the commercial.

Public Speaking Tip #12

Of course, when I’m not being a spokesperson for other companies I take the time to make ads promoting my own products. This is one of a series of fast paced, humorous ads designed to get people to visit my Bulletproof Speaker Training website. I can do the same for you!

iDan 2

When the promoter for this business conference asked me to make a funny video the iPad 2 had just been released the week before. With all the buzz of the iPad and knowing that the promoter was also a fan of Apple products we took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with a good natured promoter, Dan Bradbury and the iDan2 was born!