Should You Offer a Money Back Guarantee? (part 1)

Thanks to Kevin for emailing me this question.  If you have a question about Professional Speaking, just post it on and I will answer the question with 24 – 48 hours.


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  • Hi Topher,

    I know that you are one of the speakers who stands by this offer. I have also seen the TR team make good on this type of offer, once they have given the client the full benefit of attending the maximum % of the course available before the refund offer is removed, allowing the client to re-consider their position.
    Sadly I have seen several less professional speakers persuade the client to stay, leaving the client feeling angry and cheated. It is do much better to say OK here is your money back, I acknowledge your reasons for not wanting to stay. If you would like to attend the seminar again at another presentation I will give you a special price, just ring me.

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