Some People Just Never Get It

This blog is probably going to be a bit scattered because my thoughts are coming faster than I can type. At about 4:30 am my mind began racing as to why some people never seem to dramatically improve their lives despite how many personal development courses they go to.

I think the list is too big to generalize into one simple excuse, but I’m certain I’ve identified one major reason. And it’s probably the biggest frustration a speaker will ever have to deal with. So if you are in the biz, or getting in the biz, buckle up. Because this will be with you for the entirety of your career.

I think one of the main reasons why some people never change despite how much they learn is because what they need to really get, can’t be taught by someone else; they’ve got to get it themselves. Unfortunately, that one thing they need to get, they push further away by their own behavior.

Here’s a perfect example. One of the biggest motivators for people taking self-help courses is because they want to achieve a level of financial success beyond what they have done in the past. The, “I wanna be rich” mentality. Inevitably, the person who wants to be rich can’t afford the program. Money is their biggest issue, as a result, they make it their biggest issue in life, and it creeps up everywhere. So they use that as the excuse for why they can’t go to the program, or buy the product – or for that matter, do anything they want to in life.

This type of person will never get it until they get over it. And here’s the irony… the information contained in the course won’t help them get over it. The only way they will get over it, is if they just get over it. In other words, the person who finally says, “okay, I’m no longer going to use, ‘I can’t afford it’ as an excuse. I’m going to find a way!” Those people that find a way inevitably get it… and they transform. Not because of what they learn in the course, but because of what they taught themselves in order to get the course. Unfortunately, the way most people solve the “I can’t afford it” type thinking, is to find someone who already has the product, and bootleg a copy of it. I know too many people to count who have libraries filled with personal development courses that they never paid for. They just copied them from a friend or downloaded them from a site who prides themselves on helping people steal intellectual property like Seedpeer or Torrent. The problem with that is that it doesn’t give them the right lesson. Instead of them getting over their issue with money, it just teaches them how to cheat. Here’s the deal: Beating the game is different than cheating the game. The world of personal development is filled with too many people who have cheated the game instead of beat the game.

Isn’t it interesting that the one thing that people need to learn the most from a program is the one thing that will keep them from ever getting the program? And here’s the crazy part… the amount of money is rarely the issue. The issue is the money. Here’s a perfect example.  I recently posted an AMAZING sale on my website for 75% off ALL physical products that  I still have in stock CLICK HERE to see the sale.  Now some people got the product, and that’s great, but you would be shocked at how many people sent emails to me asking for special favors, even greater discounts, or even names of people who have already bought it so they could copy it! One guy even emailed me and reminded me of a free seminar he won nearly 4 years ago, but he couldn’t afford to go to the free seminar (all he had to pay were his expenses) so he thought it would be a win/win if I just gave him all the product for free. It’s absolutely laughable. What he and so many people like him didn’t get, is that it would be a lose/lose. I would lose the sale, and he would lose the lesson that he can afford anything he is committed to achieving, provided he’s willing to pay. For some that payment is money, for others it’s discipline, or sacrifice, or generosity. The list goes on and on. Money is just a tangible example but this dynamic creeps its way up in many peoples lives, for many other reasons.

Here’s my point: The magic is never in the course. The magic is in getting the course; because for most people, just getting the course requires they overcome their biggest hurdle in life. But it’s not until they overcome that hurdle that they will ever be able to hear the true message contained inside the course.

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