Sunrise in Singapore

I’m en route to Bali for a 4 day seminar on wealth creation and I left my home about 24 hours ago. With an 8 hour layover in Singapore I booked a room at the airport hotel, next to the free arcade, free movie theatre, free health club, and free recording studio (yes, that’s right, a free recording studio). I’ve flown all over the world; trust me, there is no airport anywhere that can compare to the excellence at Singapore. They have created an environment that, for the weary business traveler, is an oasis of paradise. Paradise? Really? Yes, that’s the only word I can use to describe this airport. With all 1300 hectares of this airport designed from the principles of feng shui, this airport has an unmistakable tranquility not met in any other airport.

But that’s not worth writing about (at least not for me). What I think is worth writing about is how what this environment does for it’s economy. You see, in this airport, YOU WANT to spend money. Nobody ever likes a layover, but here, if you take advantage of all the free amenities, you sometimes wish you had more time to enjoy it! And you can only enjoy so many free services before you start feeling subconsciously obliged to start spend something too!

Think about this as you design your business model, your business, and perhaps even your office. How could you create an environment that makes people want to be with you longer. How can you create an environment that provides so much quality, that they feel obliged to reward you with a purchase of your product or service. It’s certainly made me think about how I can take the quality of my business to the next level.

Until we meet, take care, dare to dream, and make each day an epic adventure!

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