The Controversial and Offensive Truth About Selling from the Stage

WARNING: I am not very polite in this article: Don’t read if you are easily offended.

This brief post contains the secret to creating MASSIVE sales from the stage and creating a feeding frenzy of people rushing to the back of the room at your events. The technique I’m about to share with you works BETTER than any other technique you would hear at any other speaker training program. Are you ready?

Hard close the shit out of your audience and constantly be selling throughout your speech.

That’s it… and I’m going to prove to you why this is the best technique if you want to make the most amount of money possible. The kind of speakers who follow this philosophy are nothing more than sleazy salespeople who only care about one thing: Making shit loads of money and making it as fast as they can. This is why they hard close like crazy and never provide any real value. Think about it. If there actually was a better way to sell from the stage, those sleazy sales people would be using that technique instead because all they really care about is how much money they make. Since there isn’t a more effective way to sell from the stage, that’s the technique they use. They aren’t hard closing because they are jerks (although I think they are). They aren’t hard closing because they get a kick out of it (although they usually do). They are hard closing because it works better than any other technique out there and all they care about is making money.

I will be the first to tell you that I do not have the highest close ratios of a lot of speakers on the circuit. But I can tell you this:

I sleep better than any of them.

I don’t care about creating a feeding frenzy in the back of the room, I care about creating loyalty in my relationships with my customers. And when you hard close people and constantly sell without providing any real value, they often regret their decision and eventually cancel anyway.

Now the guilty parties reading this would argue a different perspective. They would say, “Topher doesn’t believe in his product as much as I believe in mine. Because if he did, he would want everyone to have his products, like I want people to have mine. Everyone will benefit from my knowledge.”

And I would respond, “Really? You’re that narcissistic to think EVERYONE needs your product?” I am very proud of the products and services I offer, and I am not so arrogant to think that everyone in the world should buy them, and even if someone would benefit from them, it doesn’t mean they should buy them immediately without taking into consequence their other financial obligations.

I will happily sacrifice some sales at my events in exchange for peace of mind, knowing that the people who did buy made the right decision, and the people who didn’t buy also made the right decision for themselves at that time. This is one of my key beliefs that I share with my clients who hire me to train them as a professional speaker.

If you want to learn the best way to sell from the stage, then go to a training program that specializes in selling from the stage and doesn’t focus on the more important aspects of creating value, connecting with your audience, creating unforgettable experiences, and operating your business with a conscience. Those 4 aspects to speaking are what I prefer to focus on, and yes, I even teach how to sell from the stage as well, but it’s a technique I’ve developed over the past 20 years that allows you to incorporate the 4 key aspects of a professional speaker at the same time. You may not make as much money using my techniques, but the money you make will be clean, and you’ll sleep really sound at night.

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By the way, I do believe there is a difference between hard selling, and overcoming objections. If someone expresses interest in buying a product or service, and shares that they would benefit from getting it, but has some concerns – there’s nothing wrong with using your sales skills to help them make the right decision… but that is another article for another time.

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