Topher’s Executive Speech Workshop

If you look into our history to examine the world’s most powerful leaders, there is one common trait they all share: they were able to inspire the masses through their words. There are a great number of leaders who have yet to discover how critical this one single skill is.

The greatest insights of the world, or the wisest of decisions for your company mean nothing if you cannot express these ideas in a compelling manner. In today’s world, there are but two types of executives: those whose employees, shareholders, or customers line up to hear because they know they will be entertained and inspired, and those whose employees, shareholders, or customers will do anything to avoid because their past references tell them how bad the presentation is going to be.

The executive that understands how their delivery impacts a company’s productivity, stock, and public perception also appreciates the need to make sure when they deliver their presentation, that the message hits the mark.

A workshop unlike any other ever created…

Perhaps what makes this workshop stand out beyond the typical corporate training day is the partner I bring in with me to co-train this program.

John Heffron, the winner of NBC’s The Last Comic Standing, will be there with me as I share with you the inner workings of powerful presentations. John’s job is to make sure your presentation keeps them laughing when appropriate. John’s unique comedy style and vast experience with delivering presentations to fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, and Sisco allows him to help you deliver your presentation in an appropriately funny way.

In typical comedy workshops, you learn how to tell jokes. In our program, John teaches you how to be entertaining. The difference in that subtle distinction is something very few comedians understand.

After attending our 1-day workshop, you will walk away confident that you can stand before your employees, customers, and shareholders and hold their attention, bring a smile to their face, and perhaps most importantly, compel them to take the appropriate action that you have intended for them.

This event is never offered in a public format. If you are interested in having me bring this workshop to your company, simply call Peter Rosegarten at (516) 686-9000 to make the arrangements.