Why Train with Topher?

In a nutshell,

Topher teaches people actionable skills and gives them precision tools to make change that lasts and create the life they want. He does this through world-class training, service, and professionalism, delivered with down-to-earth, personable and memorable style.

As Topher explains…

My guiding ideal is to create a reputation such that as my company becomes the “Ritz Carlton” of training seminars, the Ritz Carlton hotel organization would exclaim “We are the Topher Morrison, Inc. of Hospitality.” And that’s how I execute every detail of my training programs – from the hand-crafted leather of course source books and high-resolution, full-color seminar materials that will become cornerstone resources in your life or career tool kit, to the learning-ambiance of my venue locations, whether in metropolitan London, or beside one of America’s top-rated beaches in Clearwater, Florida.

A Topher Morrison certification training is not the least expensive. We do not compete on price. You could pay a lot less for a training in Hypnotherapy or Neuro Linguistic Programming, and you would get what you paid for – a lot less.

Some of the specific deliverables Topher offers with his trainings …

“I’m smart enough to realize that…

…I don’t know all the answers. If I don’t cover it, I can recommend an expert, a seminar company or book that does.

…If I take care of my customers, my customers will take care of my company. So I will be available long after the seminar has ended. My goal is not just to have you as a “customer.” My goal is to create a business relationship – that means being there for you, not just when I have something to sell you.

…If I haven’t experienced it or lived it, I have no right to teach it. This way, you are learning from someone who actually has experienced the process, not learned how to teach it from a book.

…If you don’t get tangible results out of a seminar, then the program wasn’t worth your time. All of my seminars are designed to produce tangible results.

…The training you receive must do more than make you feel good or say, “Wow.” A powerful training should translate its ideas into processes that you can implement and understand.”

When making the investment in yourself and your professional competence, the kinds of things that distinguish the caliber of your education will include:

Decades, not just months or a few years, of business acumen and experience in human development
Master Trainer credentials in the fields taught
Solid track record of catalyzing positive change and exponential results for students and clients
Critical competence in established, current and cutting edge methods
Reliability and longevity as your mentor and guide
Money-back guarantee on trainings
Essentially, the qualities that describe Dr. Topher Morrison.

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