You are Special… Just not THAT Special

In the Key Person of Influence Growth Accelerator, I get the privilege of working with successful entrepreneurs, all from different industries. Some are professional speakers, others freak out at the idea of getting up in front of people and presenting. So this blog isn’t limited to just the business of speaking, it is relevant to all business owners.

It never ceases to amaze me how much entrepreneurs think that their problems are so much more unique than any other entrepreneur.

When speaking to one client about her writing a book, she said, “You have no idea how much work I’ve already got on my plate… now you want me to write a book?”

When speaking with another client about his financial challenges, and letting him know that he isn’t alone and every successful entrepreneur has financial challenges from time to time. He responded, “Yeah, but they’ve never faced the possibility of being homeless.”

There seems to be a theme among entrepreneurs who suffer and can’t seem to get ahead. They think that their problems are special and nobody can related to how bad it is for them. Ironically, all of the entrepreneurs that they admire and respect who have reached world-wide recognition all have stories about far worse situations.

I think one of the reasons for this is because they’ve drank too much of the personal development kook-aid and they somehow believe that they are special. I’m not trying to suggest that you aren’t special… I just don’t think you are THAT special.

The moment you think that your problems are worse than any other entrepreneur who has walked your path, it makes your problem almost, if not completely insurmountable. Here’s why: When someone is in crisis mode, generally it helps if they get advice from someone who can relate to their problems from their own experiences, and provide solutions that worked for them. But if you feel your problems are worse than anyone else, the advice you get from someone, advice that is really good and could get you back on track, will immediately get discounted as irrelevant advice because your situation is worse than theirs was.  The effect of this is stagnation and you stop moving.

But the moment you see your problems as just something that everyone experiences, it takes away a lot of the drama and opens up an infinite source of people who can give you great advice that will help get you back on the path to success.  The effect of this is that you keep moving.  And remember, the only difference between a dip and hole, is whether you are moving or not.

So here’s my motivational advice for anyone in business that might be experiencing a dip in their path to greatness…

You aren’t that special. Your problems aren’t unique. There were thousands before you that have suffered far worse than you, and there will be thousands after you whose pain will dwarf yours by comparison. Stop feeling sorry for yourself while simultaneously thinking you are so special. Flip that script around and be grateful for your problems and realize you really aren’t all that special. Then you can be open to people who have really great advice.

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